How to maintain the electric motor

The maintenance of the electric motor is still a point that raises doubts in many professionals. It is very important to go after information that shows how to perform the maintenance correctly so that issues and future damages do not occur during the process execution.

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There are many third party companies that also make it easier when we do not properly perform the maintenance of the electric motor. Maintenance is important because it allows you to be able to offer a longer your engine lifetime, because it helps to avoid serious problems in its internal structure.

Perform maintenance on the electric motor according to the intensity of use of it. The more you use engine, the greater the need to maintain the same. The frequency of this maintenance must be set according to the intensity of machine use, the more it is used, most require care and maintenance to keep running properly.

Thermal insulation of the electric motor

Understand how to take care of the thermal insulation of the electric motor

If the electric motor suffer from a representative heating, the result will be an insulator with a shorter life. This life decreases when the electric motor suffers from the line overvoltage, overcurrent in matches, deposits of dust forming conductive bridges, attack by acids vapor or even gas entrained by the ventilation.

For the electric motor 5vx850 does not suffer from the degradation of thermal insulation it is important to equip with the feeding apparatus frame to protect the insulation and commands that are appropriate and which is scanned periodically functioning. Another important factor is to enjoy the periods in which the electric motor stops, it then can be cleaned the coils of the windings.

It is essential that filters are installed in the electric motor ventilation systems and in addition, it is essential that the maintenance is performed properly.

Electric motor connections must undergo periodic inspection

The electric motor connections must always undergo a periodic inspection, but not only the electric motor terminals as well as the contacts of the starting devices and control elements, as well the poor electrical contact problems can be solved easily, because the problem is caused by lack of proper grip, vibration loosening, lack of maintenance and oxidation.

When the electric motor connections are loose, they present contact resistance and the result are losses caused by Joule effect is nothing more than a concentrated heating on electricity.

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These losses in the electric motor can cause serious problems ranging from energy waste risks to the installation because the insulating coating burning electric motor driver can cause a short circuit which may result in a fire on the premises.

Universal electric motor

Many people have questions about what is a universal electric motor. It is so named because it allows the connection so direct current, but also the alternating current. The other models are not universal only run on a type of connection.

The rotor of the universal electric motor Coxreels P-LP-135, along with her is actor are formed by silicon plates that are responsible for reducing the calorific effects originated by the currents induced in the metal masses, all under the action of a variable magnetic field.

These universal motors also have coils wound in both the rotor and in the stator. The engine can be used in various sectors, from which require the functionality of transforming electrical energy into mechanical, using the two types of connection. The segment evolves much and why we have so many available engines. The universal can be used in various sectors, sometimes turns out to be more appropriate than a simpler model.

Best type of electric motor

It is difficult to determine the best type of electric motor without knowing what the final application where it needs to be installed. For this reason it is interesting that you search for the engine and the ideal model for the application you want, and then be aware of the options that you might be getting in line with what is offered by the market.

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The best type of electric motor is one that will meet your demand, offering economy and efficiency. Today you have the market several models of electric motors, among them you have two main types that are three-phase and single-phase model, each is to be in a different application.

Before buying, make a price survey for you to find one company that works with a more affordable offer. It may be that the form of payment is also a determining factor for you to choose the company which will make your purchase, so be sure to review all the necessary details for your purchase.

Understand the types of electric engine start system

The NBR 17094 indicates what should be the minimum starting systems for the electric motor is capable of.

The first electric engine start system must be cold, because the electric motor should be subjected to two consecutive matches and then returning to the home.


The second, in turn, is heated while the first is cold, it will also be two matches in the electric motor, but must be after the electric motor is running at nominal conditions.

When the electric motor is subjected to an additional match will only be possible this match if the electric motor is a temperature not pass the temperature of the thermal equilibrium under the rated load.

When the electric motor system is cold, the first match of the electric motor should be stopped for any reason that the electric motor is protected. When the electric motor system is hot, it indicates that the electric motor must be disconnected accidentally way and on again soon after.

What is electric motor

While it is well known, there are still many people who do not know what is the electric motor. We are here to present some information about him so that you can better understand, learn how the machine works and where it is being used with great frequency.

Understanding of the electric motor MagPowr US2 is much simpler than people think, first because this machine has the function to make the transformation of electrical energy into mechanical energy. Today, thanks to its development there are several types and models of motors that can be present in various end applications.

Now that you know that the electric motor is used to transform electrical energy into mechanical energy, everything is easier. Today we have to understand how the machines work so that we can also understand how the equipment worked. The electric motor has grown significantly in recent years because it has always been economic where it is deployed.

Electric motor can be found in various sectors of industry

Electric motor used in the industry is an instrument of great importance because it is the electric motor that converts electrical energy into mechanical energy. The electric motor operates after the magnetic fields interact with the conductors that cause the current to be carried.

When a generator is used, the process can be reversed, this means that the mechanical energy which is transformed into electrical energy. In the Brazilian market, the industry that produces more electric motor is WEG.

The electric motor can be applied in various sectors of industry. You can find an electric motor in an industrial fan, compressors, exhaust fans, machine tools, pumps and power tools.


The electric motor is very important to the operation of appliances, but also for the computer drives. Industrial electric motor can operate using a battery or AC power.